Video test

As a test of video embedding, a time lapse animation of 24 hours in the chicken box:

[flashvideo filename=”” /]

Looks like (after switching to a better flvplayer plugin) it works. Hooray!

Meet the chickens!

The chicks are about five days old now. They’re developing quickly. ¬†Each of them can stand on one leg without falling over, and they all run very speedily now. If you put your hand in the box, they run over to investigate; and if you reach in with a piece of paper toweling, the Delaware or Welsummer chick might play tug-of-war with it. (The Orpington chick is steady and not very curious.) Their calls are changing, too — not so much “eepeeepeeep!”, more whistling, soft tweeting, and trilling. One call sounds to me a lot like the old Macintosh “water drop” sound.

The Delaware seems to be prone to paste-up. Wouldn’t you know that’s the same chick that really hates to be picked up? Oh well, chick, too bad for you.

Chick webcam, chick photos

Site to-do list

I just got a notice that the domain registration is coming due on houseofcranks, which means it’s been almost a year and we haven’t done anything with it. With all the happenings here at the House of Cranks this year, it may be time to remedy that. So I wiped and reinstalled WordPress. I’m still working out what plugins/themes I want, but here’s a running summary as I go along:


  • Star Ratings – lets us add ratings, like this:
  • Gravatars2 – gives us user avatars in the comments
  • WordPress Flickr Manager – easy integration with Flickr
    Although I’m not sure how it’s going to work when both Cam and I have Flickr accounts. Maybe we’ll have to make a group pool for cranks stuff.

To do:

  • Cross-posting. It’d be nice to either syndicate posts from sculpin and elsewhere or cross-post entries from here to there. There doesn’t appear to be a wp to wp crossposter yet, though. Weird.
  • Mobile/accessible theme
    Installed WordPress Mobile Edition, still have to check accessibility.
  • Comment subscription via email. People actually seem to use it at elsewhere, so… *shrug*
  • sidebar?
  • Paged comments? I don’t know if that’ll be possible with k2, or if it’s even going to be a problem.


To do:

  • Wiki for garden notes?
  • Cookbook?
  • Amazon affiliate thing for crank-powered items?
  • What else?