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I just got a notice that the domain registration is coming due on houseofcranks, which means it’s been almost a year and we haven’t done anything with it. With all the happenings here at the House of Cranks this year, it may be time to remedy that. So I wiped and reinstalled WordPress. I’m still working out what plugins/themes I want, but here’s a running summary as I go along:


  • Star Ratings – lets us add ratings, like this:
  • Gravatars2 – gives us user avatars in the comments
  • WordPress Flickr Manager – easy integration with Flickr
    Although I’m not sure how it’s going to work when both Cam and I have Flickr accounts. Maybe we’ll have to make a group pool for cranks stuff.

To do:

  • Cross-posting. It’d be nice to either syndicate posts from sculpin and elsewhere or cross-post entries from here to there. There doesn’t appear to be a wp to wp crossposter yet, though. Weird.
  • Mobile/accessible theme
    Installed WordPress Mobile Edition, still have to check accessibility.
  • Comment subscription via email. People actually seem to use it at elsewhere, so… *shrug*
  • sidebar?
  • Paged comments? I don’t know if that’ll be possible with k2, or if it’s even going to be a problem.


To do:

  • Wiki for garden notes?
  • Cookbook?
  • Amazon affiliate thing for crank-powered items?
  • What else?

One thought on “Site to-do list

  1. Maybe not a cookbook, but just a “Recipes” category that I’ll try to remember to add MealMaster exports to.

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