4 thoughts on “Banjo tunes from Allen Hart’s Banjo 3 class

  1. Today I think it’s June Apple. I like the tune to start with, and he puts in these great little slides that really make it sing.

  2. That sounds just like a guy I used to take lessons from at McCabes. Sold me a wonderful old Farland banjo which I still have and play on occassion. I picked it up yesterday and was knocking some of the rust off my abilities. Decided to see if Allen Hart was still alive and found multiple references on Google. He’s all grown up now with his own recordings but still the same mustache. I’d like to pick some tunes with that guy again sometime.

  3. It’s a pretty impressive moustache, no doubt about it. Yep, Allen’s teaching at Dusty Strings here in Seattle these days.

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