Pickled carrots

I made about two gallons of pickled carrots with jalapeños and onions this afternoon, mostly using this recipe. I doubled all the ingredients but the carrots, because I wasn’t sure how many carrots the recipe called for. I used about 4.75 pounds total (after slicing). I’m not entirely sure how many jalapeños I used, either. Slightly less by volume than there were carrots, I know. Let’s say around 30.


The brine and onions are pink because some of the carrots I used were purple carrots, and the color leached out of them during cooking. The batch filled our white stockpot, which I guess is two gallons. I gave half to my folks and kept half for us. It’s sitting in the fridge now, getting tastier. It should be ready to eat tomorrow, but it’ll probably develop the best flavor over the course of the next few weeks. If it lasts that long. I do like hot pickled carrots.

Next up: firecracker carrots using these weird white carrots they had at Whole Foods.

2 thoughts on “Pickled carrots

  1. Since they weren’t canned at all, opened and unopened are probably the same thing. I’m guessing at least three or four weeks is safe, and there’s a blog post from someone who forgot hers in the back of the fridge for three months and said that not only were they fine, but they’d finally developed the flavor she was hoping for.

    So… a month, probably more? Honestly, I plan on eating the entire gallon in the next month, so I might not find out.

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